Blood Run, along with Aerowalk, is one of the most popular multiplayer maps in the Quake series, and has been released in one form or another for every main series Quake game to date.

Quake Edit

The original Blood Run design was based on id's own E1M5: Gloom Keep, although few similarities remain between the two. The most obvious similarities are the "Terracotta" level theme, and the U-shaped passage at the top of the central atrium, reminiscent of the main atrium of E1M5.

Blood Run consists of three main areas connected primarily by a long, T-shaped corridor containing a Lightning Gun on the lower level. The central area, or main atrium, is the largest, containing a Megahealth, Red Armor, and Rocket Launcher. The area to the right exiting the main room

contains a Yellow Armor and Rocket Launcher, while the final area contains the all-important Quad Damage.

All in all, players will enjoy a high degree of connectivity in this level, allowing combat to take place across the full breadth of the map, and players will often find that their path leads back to the central area one way or another.

ZTNDM3 is considered to be one of the Big Five duel levels in QuakeWorld, the five main maps used for tournament play. It's popularity has persisted throughout the Quake series.

Qurnel's Blood Run Edit

QuakeWorld Blood Run has two variations. The more popular of the two is ZTNDM3Q, although neither approach the popularity of ZTNDM3 [1].

While the original ZTNDM3 continues to be a major QuakeWorld duel map, the Qurnel version would become the basis for future installments. The primary changes include moving the Mega Health to an alcove in the central corridor, and replacing the Green Armor in the Quad room with a Yellow.

The second variation, ZTNDM3A (Haemophilia Hobble Remix) is similar to ZTNDM3Q in that it moves the Mega Health to the central corridor, although in this version it sits in the middle of the junction, making it exposed from all angles.

Quake II Edit

The Quake II remake of Blood Run was actually based on and released after the Quake III version. It features an aesthetic more in line with the "Palace" themed levels of Quake II, textures that are predominantly grey, with a mixture of orange and blue highlights, rather than the traditional orange "Terracotta" theme found in Quake and Quake III Arena. The item layout is almost identical to that of the Quake III Arena version, itself based on the Qurnel version in Quake.
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