TimeSplitters is a series developed by Free Radical Design, known for it's fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay and wacky sense of humour. Each game features a large cast of playable characters - many of which are parodies of recognisable character archetypes - and a plot concerning time-travel, in which the player must journey to different eras in order to complete objectives. As such, the series features a wide variety of weapons (ranging from wooden crossbows to plasma guns) and a multitude of environments (a Wild West town in the 1800s to a war-torn 25th century), as well as a highly customisable multiplayer mode.

The series can be seen as a spiritual successor to the legendary GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. As well as featuring numerous cosmetic and gameplay similarities, the TimeSplitters series was developed by former employees of Rare who had worked on GoldenEye, as well as it's other spiritual sequel Perfect Dark.

The TimeSplitters series contains the following games:

TimeSplitters series
Games TimeSplitters - TimeSplitters 2 - TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
Developers Free Radical Design
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