The following is a list of all multi-player levels featured in Quake II, its expansion packs, and its console ports.

See also: Quake II Campaign Maps

Quake II Edit

Episode Map Name See also:
Quake II Deathmatch q2dm1 The Edge XEdge (Q2TR); Rogue's Edge (Q2GZ); The Edge & Winter's Edge (QL); Over the Edge (Q4)
q2dm2 Tokay's Towers
q2dm3 The Frag Pipe
q2dm4 Lost Hallways
q2dm5 The Pits
q2dm6 Lava Tomb
q2dm7 The Slimy Place
q2dm8 Warehouse Warehouse (QL)
Quake II CTF q2ctf1 McKinley Revival
q2ctf2 Stronghold Opposition
q2ctf3 The Smelter
q2ctf4 Outlands Outlands (Q2 [campaign]); Outlands II (Q2 [CTF])
q2ctf5 Capture Showdown Final Showdown (Q2 [campaign])
q2ctf6 Border's Canyon
q2ctf7 Boxed In Boxed In (Q2:GZ)
q2ctf8 The Hangar Scenario
id FTP bonus maps match1 Reckless Abandon
base64 The Strogg Base Outer Base, Installation, & Comm Center (Q2 [campaign])
city64 Courts at War Outer Courts (Q2 [campaign])
sewer64 The Sewers of Stroggos
q2ctf4a Outlands II Outlands (Q2 [campaign & CTF])

Quake II Mission Pack 1: The Reckoning Edit

Map Name See also:
xdm1 Munitions Dump
xdm2 Deadly Reckoning
xdm3 Reservoir Stroggs
xdm4 The Sludge Pit
xdm5 Stomping Grounds
xdm6 Hidden Agenda
xdm7 XEdge The Edge (Q2); Rogue's Edge (Q2:GZ); The Edge & Winter's Edge (QL); Over the Edge (Q4)

Quake II Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero Edit

Map Name See also:
rdm1 The Low Road The High Road & Roads to Nowhere (Q2:GZ)
rdm2 The High Road The Low Road & Roads to Nowhere (Q2:GZ)
rdm3 Boxed In Boxed In (Q2 [CTF])
rdm4 Razor Close
rdm5 Stone Hinge
rdm6 Nexus
rdm7 Sewer Citadel
rdm8 Styx & Stones
rdm9 Scenic Overlook
rdm10 Great Divide
rdm11 Dish it Out
rdm12 Fall From Grace
rdm13 Roads to Nowhere The Low Road & The High Road (Q2:GZ)
rdm14 Rogue's Edge The Edge (Q2); XEdge (Q2:TR); The Edge & Winter's Edge (QL); Over the Edge (Q4)

Quake II (N64) Edit

Map See also:
Agony Agony (Q3Dc)
War Room
Cold Steel
Mad Dash
Dying Halls
Empty Space Fatal Instinct (Q3A)

Quake II (PSX) Edit

Map See also:
Cold Storage
The Shaft
Toxic Vats
The Forge

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