The following is a list of all single-player levels featured in Quake II, its expansion packs, and its console ports.

See also: Quake II Multi-Player Maps

Quake II Edit

Episode Map Name
Unit 1: Base base1 Outer Base
base2 Installation
base3 Comm Center*
train Lost Station
Unit 2: Station bunk1 Ammo Depot
ware1 Supply Station
ware2 Warehouse
Unit 3: Jail jail1 Main Gate
jail2 Detention Center
jail3 Security Complex
jail4 Torture Chambers
jail5 Guard House
security Grid Control
Unit 4: Mine mintro Mine Entrance
mine1 Upper Mines
mine2 Borehole
mine3 Drilling Area
mine4 Lower Mines
Unit 5: Factory fact1 Recieving Center*
fact2 Sudden Death
fact3 Processing Plant
Unit 6: Power Plant power1 Power Plant
power2 The Reactor
cool1 Cooling Facility
waste1 Toxic Waste Dump
waste2 Pumping Station 1
waste3 Pumping Station 2
Unit 7: Big Gun biggun Big Gun
Unit 8: Hangar hangar1 Outer Hangar*
space Comm Satellite
lab Research Lab
hangar2 Inner Hangar
command Launch Command
strike Outlands
Unit 9: Palace city1 Outer Courts
city2 Lower Palace
city3 Upper Palace
Unit 10: Final Showdown boss1 Inner Chamber
boss2 Final Showdown

Quake II Mission Pack 1: The Reckoning Edit

Episode Map Name
Unit 1: Wilderness xswamp The Swamps
xsewer1 The Sewers
xsewer2 Waste Sieve
Unit 2: Military Compound xcompnd1 Outer Compound
xcompnd2 Inner Compound
xreactor Core Reactor
xware The Warehouse
xintell Intelligence Center
Unit 3: Industrial Region industry Industrial Facility
outbase Outer Base
refinery Refinery
w_treat Water Treatment Plant
badlands Badlands
Unit 4: Strogg Spaceport xhangar1 Lower Hangars
xhangar2 The Hangars
xship Strogg Freighter
Unit 5: Moon Base xmoon1 Cargo Bay
xmoon2 Command Center

Quake II Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero Edit

Episode Map Name
Unit 1: Tectonic Stabilizer rmine1 Lower Mines
rlava1 Thaelite Mines
rlava2 Tectonic Stabilizer*
rmine2 Mine Engineering
Unit 2: Base Complex rware1 Eastern Warehouse
rware2 Waterfront Storage
rbase1 Logistics Complex
rbase2 Tactical Command
Unit 3: Research Hangars rhangar1 Research Hangar
rsewer1 Waste Processing
rsewer2 Waste Disposal
rhangar2 Maintenance Hangars
Unit 4: Munitions Installation rammo1 Munitions Plant
rammo2 Ammo Depot
Unit 5: Widow's Lair rboss Widow's Lair

Quake II (N64) Edit

Map See also:
Strogg Outpost Strogg Outpost (Q2 PSX)
Central Complex Lower Mines (Q2:GZ)
Intelligence Center
Communications Center Comm Center (Q2)
Orbital Defense
Docking Station The Hangars (Q2:TR)
Strogg Freighter Strogg Freighter (Q2:TR)
Cargo Bay
Zaxite Mines
Storage Facility
Organic Storage Lower Hangars (Q2:TR)
Processing Center
Geothermal Station
Detention Center
Research Lab
Bio-Waste Treatment
Access Conduits
Descent to Core
Command Core

Quake II (PSX) Edit

Map See also:
Strogg Outpost Strogg Outpost (Q264)
Outer Base
Comm Center
Detention Center
Security Complex
Torture Chambers
Guard House
Grid Control
The Reactor
Toxic Waste Dump
Pumping Station 1
Pumping Station 2
Waste Disposal Area Toxic Waste Dump (Q2)
Defense Command Launch Command (Q2)
Research Lab
Gravity Booster Big Gun (Q2)
Inner Chamber
Final Showdown