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I have made new templates on the FPS Wiki.



Use the command, Template:UNFIN or the input method in the templates help (see TEMPLATES HELP) and put UNFIN where it says Example.


There are going to be more templates. This is so Colbert2677 knows what templates he has made, there could have been 100, and he only remembers 1. Of course, he will remember all of them.


If there isn't a label, "[ADMIN]", that means anybody can use the template. The punishment for using an admin label is block. I'll put a special block so you can't even edit your account. If you are blocked, you can't do anything. So if you want to contact me, try to leave a message on my talk page. No, I don't accept emails.

--Colbert2677 (Talk Page) 21:54, April 9, 2013 (UTC)